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Most Popular Coffee Beans From Around the World

In this world there are so many choices of the finest Arabica coffee. Have you ever wondered what everyone else is drinking? Here at, we have broken ten of these of our most popular coffees down for you. However, since flavor preferences vary from person to person, these coffees are listed in no particular order. Some may love the bitterness of Sumatra Black Satin, while others may prefer a nutty Burundi AA Kirimoro. Whatever you are partial to, there is certainly something that will exceed your expectations.

Why wouldn’t this coffee be one of the most sought after? After all, Ethiopia is where coffee originated. It will forever be marked as the world’s first coffee growing territory. This coffee has a sweet earthy flavor and a mild floral aroma in a strong full-body. Hints of toasted coconut and hazelnut will linger on your taste buds.
This luxurious gourmet coffee is raised in the Yirga Cheffe sector of Africa at 5,800 to 6,600 feet above sea level and wet-processed. Each bean is meticulously hand-picked making this coffees’ quality stand out amongst all others. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans undergo a 72-hour fermentation process so the sugars in the coffee fruit are taken in, producing a more robust richness as opposed to dry-method coffee treatments.

The only coffee grown in the United States flourishes on the lush hillsides of the Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. An altitude between 800 and 2,500 feet above sea level and rich volcanic soil provide an optimal environment for producing a well-balanced, full-bodied roast.

The perfect combination of sunlight, shade, and rain make Hawaii Kona the chief producer of any other Arabica coffee in the world. In addition, more than 600 farmers handpick, wet-process, and sun-dry the beans in order to sharpen production. Hawaii Kona must follow the strictest requirements and topmost wages around the globe.
Hawaii Kona is an outstanding balance of rich, but elegant flavor with hints of sweetness. Often described as “buttery,” this coffee is smooth with fruity undertones and a complex aromatic finish.

One of the finest supreme coffees, Kenya AA is grown near the origination of coffee. It’s no wonder it ranks so high on the list of the most superior coffees in the world. AA beans have a pleasant acidity and a strong heavy body. The aroma is floral and rich while the winey flavor provides a nice complement to the citrus and berry overtones.

Kenya AA coffee is grown in elevations between 4,900 and 6,600 feet above sea level in rich, red volcanic soil on small small farms. ‘AA’ indicates the screen size in the Kenya coffee grading system that the beans are more than one-fourth inch in diameter. These large beans are cared for under strict guidelines to provide high volumes of coffee that are of the finest quality.

Similar to Kenyan coffee, Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a refreshing and exquisite full-bodied taste along with an outstanding aroma, but with much lighter acidity. This small bean is known for its small roundness with a cleft in the center. Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans are more savory in flavor when compared to the more common oval-shaped coffee beans.

Tanzania Peaberry coffee is grown on the lower lush slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro near the border of Kenya. This area provides the most perfect environment for coffee trees to flourish. The beans are hand-sorted and wet-processed because only about 10% of the beans are actually ‘Peaberry’ coffee beans. One would think these beans would be costly, however, the ideal climate is perfect for raising peaberry coffee beans.

In a cup of Tanzania Peaberry coffee there will be a flavorful symphony of delicate wine notes that fade into undertones of black currant and smooth chocolate. The enduring floral aroma with hints of pineapple or coconut will whisk you away.

Antigua, Guatemala is a gorgeous valley that lies between three volcanoes and is the most perfect area for growing some of the world’s premium coffee. With abundant rainfall, steady humidity, ample shade, and elevations of up to 4,600 feet, it’s no wonder coffee is the number one industry in Guatemala.

Guatemala Antigua coffee has a full body of rich, spicy flavor with smoky and chocolatey undertones. A mosaic aroma is a pleasing to the velvety-smooth aftertaste.

Our next blog will breakdown the final five most popular coffees in the world. Until then, you will be able to try for yourself these amazing beans. Let us know what you think. would like to hear about your favorite coffee and what makes it so spectacular?

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