Monday, January 23, 2017

Coffee to Enhance Your Workout

Sure, I have seen that woman wondering into the gym with a double-shot latte in her hand, and then busting out a phenomenal power workout. Up until recently, I would have thought this woman was defeating the purpose of her workout by downing a grande of sugar, milk, and caffeine. I then, discovered she was actually doing her mind and body good by drinking coffee before her workout. Caffeinated coffee, removes the tired feeling and boosts our body’s ability for physical and mental activity.
Caffeine helps the mind and body stay alert to push through a workout by stimulating the central nervous system. Blood pressure increases, and therefore, the heart pumps more oxygen allowing the body to push harder to run that extra mile. Caffeine also increases the feel-good neurotransmitters, like dopamine, that effect pain receptors and mood making the last few reps seem less grinding.
In addition, drinking caffeine before a workout can keep those annoying food cravings at bay. Researchers have found, caffeine raises calorie burning by 72 fewer calories per day. Here are a few things to consider next time you hit the gym with your cup of joe :
Drinking your coffee an hour before your work out would be ideal since caffeine reaches its maximum effect between 30 and 75 minutes after consumption. You will find, however, if you already drink an ample amount of coffee everyday you will need to drink more in order to reap the benefits. It’s not recommended to over-caffeinate just to increase your workout ability.
Don’t forget the H2O. Coffee does count as liquid, but eight ounces won’t be enough to keep you hydrated through your entire workout. Remember hydrate before, during, and after. Also, try not to drink too much coffee as it can have a laxative effect. And, that is certainly not an optimal situation to be in.
Think about adding milk if you typically take your coffee black. After a night of sleep, the added protein and carbohydrates will help raise your blood sugar fueling you physically and mentally. As long as you don’t add a great amount of sugar, drinking coffee before your workout will be more beneficial to you than energy drinks and sugary sodas.
How much coffee is enough to boost your performance? Based on you body weight and fitness goals, you probably only need 250 to 300mg of caffeine to improve your workout performance. Eight ounces of regular-strength brewed coffee has 95 to 200mg of caffeine. In addition, try not to overdo the caffeine or you may find yourself suffering from headaches, insomnia, irritability, or an upset stomach.
If you workout at night, you may have to forget the caffeine if you are someone who is unable to sleep because of drinking caffeine too close to bedtime. Caffeine stays in your system for about six hours. So, if coffee tends to affect your sleep, you may want to consider a drink with diminished amounts of caffeine such as: cold brew coffee, dark roast coffee, or black tea. has the workout brew for you! From light to dark roast coffee of every origin as well as, a magnificent collection of teas. Take a look today. We are sure you will find a brew to boost your workout performance!

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