Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Flavors to Celebrate the Winter Season
The days are shorter and  Jack Frost is rapping at the door. Winter is in the air! The holiday season has crept up on us. Essence of cinnamon, cloves, and evergreens are pleasant aromas all around us. Now, is the perfect time to enjoy savory warm coffee or tea to bring out the spirit of the holiday season! has the classic flavors so reminiscent of winter and the holidays. We have an extraordinary selection of gourmet coffee and tea that will captivate your mind and senses with cheer and memories in every sip.
Holiday Cheer Flavored Coffee
Creamy French vanilla and caramel create a smooth coffee, while the spectacular addition of rum and almond flavors combine for a sensational holiday treat.Holiday Cheer Flavored Coffee is the perfect coffee to revel in as you are going about your holiday tasks.
Orange Blossom Spice Flavored Tea
The taste of sweet juicy oranges with a hint of cinnamon and cloves is a warming reminder of holidays past. If you adore the citrus with a bit of spice, Orange Blossom Spice Flavored Tea will definitely make those long, gray winter days brighter. Crafted from elite loose-leaf Chinese Ceylon Black Tea, every tea is hand blended with the exact amount of flavor to bring to you the most amazing flavored teas. Treat yourself to only 2 tiny calories bursting with spectacular aroma and delightful flavor.

Jack Frost Flavored Coffee
Add just a nip of cold to your morning cup of coffee. Peppermint adds a refreshingly cool sensation to smooth Irish Cream and Swiss Chocolate flavors. Wake up your senses in the early mornings or indulge in the chocolaty hints for dessert with Jack Frost Flavored Coffee. It is no wonder this coffee is one of our winter-time favorites. With all of its invigorating coolness and creamy texture, who could resist!
Best of all, every single one of our amazing Flavored Coffees and other gourmet coffees are roasted and shipped the very same day. So, you are guaranteed the freshest, most exhilarating cup of coffee possible.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about your favorite holiday scents, aromas, and flavors. Please share them in the comments box. 

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